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Staff Testimonials

Be On An
Amazing Team!

Jobs sure can be stressful. If you’ve ever had a job that put unreasonable demands on you, then you probably know that all too well. Poor training, negative co-workers, and bad management can leave you feeling drained. And it feels even worse if your work isn’t rewarding.

You shouldn’t have to work a job like that. You deserve better. When we started phClean® in 2006, we wanted fulfilling work that would really help our clients. We believe that your career should support the life you want to live. If you join our team, that’s the kind of job you’ll get. You might just love a career in house cleaning!

Competitive Pay & More!

No Nights or Weekends!

You’ll only work days, Monday through Friday. Our technicians average 34 hours/week at full time. Have more time for school and errands!

Health Insurance Options!

You’ll be eligible for a Group Health Care Plan from Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and we pay the first $170 of your plan! Get yourself and your family the care you need.

Paid Holidays!

Get paid for any holiday that falls in your workweek. Never miss a holiday event or party again! Spend more time with your friends and family.

Paid Time Off!

Start earning paid time off right out of training with one full week ready to use. Plus, you can earn extra time off with your rewards dollars and paid time off grows the longer you’re with us.

Free DMACC Classes!

Have you been thinking about going back to school? Maybe you want to earn that associate’s degree you never finished. Now you can finish it for free!

Advancement Opportunities!

If you’re a hard worker with the right skills, you deserve to earn that promotion! We always try to promote from within so you can grow right along with us. Get a raise every 3-6 months and power up pay as a trainer!

Paid Vehicle Usage Allowance!

Receive a vehicle usage allowance for both in-town and out of town driving in addition to your regular job pay.

Many More Perks!


Don’t just work and provide for today. Start planning for your tomorrow!

Bonuses &

You should be rewarded for all your hard work! And you will be!

Fun Group

Who says work can’t be fun? You’ll have a blast with our fun activities!

Earn a
Few Tips

Expect some generous customers, and keep tips offered to you!

Praises From
Happy Staff

Wooooo! Thank you guys for always being so flexible and showing us cleaning techs your appreciation-- above and beyond what I've experienced through past employers!

Lyndsi Loney
I just wanna say thank you to everyone on this team for being so nice and fun! This is such a great company with amazing people! My last job treated me horribly so I'm so happy to finally be able to say I love my job!

Hope Bishop

Join Our Team!

If you’re a hard worker and have a positive, can-do attitude, please ask about joining our team! We’re always looking for candidates like you. Work for a house cleaning service that really cares about you and wants you to succeed in all areas of life. Apply today!

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