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Top Residential
Cleaning Services
in Des Moines, IA

We’ll do the cleaning so you can enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want! 
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Experience the joy of walking into a clean home

For more than a decade, we’ve been the go-to residential cleaning company helping people in the wider Des Moines area enjoy high standards of sanitation, and peace in their homes. Our technicians will help you find that extra time for yourself and your loved ones you’re always struggling to find.

Besides our dedication to house cleaning, we also excel in sprucing up business big and small. Whether you need a provider that keeps your office spaces presentable or you’re looking for high-tech electrostatic disinfection, phClean has skilled staff, excellent customer service, and proven methods to keep your working areas neat, inviting, and cozy for your customers and employees alike.

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Residential cleaning where every home is unique 

While no home has the same needs, we treat each one of our clients the same. Since we always look to build lasting relationships, we’re ready and willing to adapt our service according to your unique preferences and the specifics of your living space. Tell us what you need and how you want it done and you can be sure we’ll go above and beyond to keep you pleased.

As a company that leaves nothing to chance, we make sure that our communications and customer support team match our knowledge in housekeeping. We’re always here to hear you out, offer advice, answer questions, and dispel any concerns or doubts within minutes during the workday. If any aspect of our service leaves you wanting more, we’ll be there to correct any potential missed spots within 24 hours.

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Explore our comprehensive
residential solutions

Recurring service

Choose a weekly or bi-weekly plan and you’ll enjoy a neat and freshly cleaned home throughout the year. However, before you sign up, we’ll first need to deep clean your home and prepare it for regular visits that will be priced at a flat rate.

expert initial cleaning service near me

Initial cleaning

Before implementing a weekly/bi-weekly plan, we first need to get your living space ready for recurring visits.By performing an extra-thorough initial cleaning during our first visit, we can make all subsequent regular cleanings that much more effective.

Deep Clean

Spring cleaning, seasonal cleanup, or one-time sprucing-up, no matter what you call it, deep cleaning is the gold standard of residential sanitation that leaves no corner dusty and is priced at an hourly rate.

reliable move in out cleaning service near me

Move In/Out Clean

If you’re moving to or from Des Moines Ames or the nearby areas, we are here to make the whole process much more smooth and stress-free. Book our move-in/move-out cleaning that is priced at an hourly rate and you can safely focus on your priorities.

expert hourly priority cleaning service near me

Priority/Hourly Cleaning

Would you like to prepare your living room for important guests or only hire our cleaners for a set number of hours, without having them go through your entire home? No problem! Our Priority/hourly cleaning service is designed to meet just such specialized needs.

Tasks included in our
regular cleaning service

Once we revamp your living space with our initial deep clean, we’ll price all subsequent visits at a flat rate. We’ll be there on time and lean on our experience and tried-and-tested process to maintain the standards of service on each appointment.

Kitchen Cleaning

     Wipe & dust the tables & chairs
     Vacuum, sweep & wet mop the floorings
     Wipe & spot clean cupboards
     Clean the sink & fixtures
     Wipe & clean countertops
     Tackle the fronts, edges, and sides of appliances
     Clean the microwave inside
     Change the garbage bags
     Clean the patio door glass

Bathroom Cleaning

     Vacuum, sweep & wet mop the floorings
     Wipe & dust the vanity
     Shine up the mirrors
     Spot wipe the cabinets
     Clean the sink & fixtures
     Sanitize the tub & shower
     Tackle the toilet
     Change the garbage bags

Entry Cleaning

     Wipe clean the door glass & side lights
     Dust the entry area
     Vacuuming
     Wet mopping

Whole-House Cleaning

     Dusting of areas within reach without a 2-step stool
     Vacuuming (without edging carpets)
     Dust the blinds & fans
     Straightening & tidying as we go
     Wet or spot mop

What you should NOT expect from our regular cleaning service:

     Do the dishes (beyond a few breakfast things)
     Take care of the laundry
     Edge carpets
     Clean inside cupboards
     Hand wipe all blinds
     Wipe tilt-in windows or the interior window glass
     Move appliances & furniture
     Hand wipe trim door frames or baseboards
     Wipe ceiling fan blades by hand
     Do the inside of the refrigerator
     Tackle areas that haven't been deep-cleaned
     Tackle areas/shelves that can’t be reached without a 2-step stool
     ALWAYS ASK AHEAD if you want to personalize your service
     We CAN ADD some of these things if planned ahead of time 
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What’s included
in our deep clean

Unlike residential services, we price deep cleaning on an hourly basis. It covers all the same points as our first-time cleaning, including hand-wiping of all areas we can safely reach with the help of a 2-step stool. If you want to customize or learn more about our service, get in touch with our friendly consultants today.

Covers all regular tasks outlined above, plus...

     Use of a 2-step stool to tackle higher areas/shelves
     Hand wipe trim door frames or baseboards
     Wipe ceiling fan blades by hand
     Edge carpets
     Hand wipe all sturdy 2-inch blinds (excluding mini blinds)
     Do the dishes - per your request
     Do the inside of the refrigerator - per your request
     Clean inside stove - per your request
     Pick-up service - per your request
     Clean inside cupboards - per your request
     Wipe tilt-in windows or the interior window glass - per your request
     Clean levels we have not yet deep-cleaned
     *We’re open to accommodating special requests. Just remember to request them beforehand so we can include them in our hourly estimate—Feel free to ask!

Empty home cleaning as per your request

     Do the inside of the refrigerator
     Top-to-bottom wiping of interior window glass
     Wipe out inside the oven (please run self-clean the day before)
     Clean inside cupboards (let us know which ones)
     Wipe tilt-in windows (please make sure they all open, give instructions for opening)
     Sweeping out of garage spaces
     Sweep out basements or areas that are still a ‘work in progress’
     Cleanups of rental apartments & properties

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