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Electrostatic Disinfection Service

Making Your Life Healthier
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Why Disinfect Your Business

When it comes to achieving high levels of cleanliness for safety of your customers, it’s important that your facility be kept thoroughly clean by a commercial cleaning company that takes your employee and customer health and safety as serious as you do. Unfortunately not all cleaning companies have the right equipment to ensure that each surface is treated properly.

Unlike other janitorial services, phClean uses electrostatic disinfection technology, the same equipment used in hospitals and airplanes to disinfect surfaces. Our electrostatic disinfecting equipment is used to apply disinfectants and sanitizers to surfaces for the highest levels of safety. We use our disinfecting equipment as a tool in supplementing our cleaning services in offices, schools and universities, gyms, daycares and other commercial properties.

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Benefits Of Electrostatic Disinfecting

Our Commerical Cleaning Promise

Tired of an unresponsive franchise? Had enough of using uninsured individuals you have to manage yourself? Not getting what you’re paying for? We hear this a lot and believe you deserve better residential cleaning service. Here’s our commitment to you:


You’re our neighbor. You can trust that we’ll always treat you the way you want to be treated. Maybe even better.

Can-Do Attitude

Your home should be your sanctuary. Don’t let someone in who doesn’t bring you some positive energy.

Happiness First

Your happiness always comes first. Even before our own. The good news is that if you’re happy, we’re happy.

and Respect

There’s no reason for you to be treated with disrespect. Especially in your own home. It just won’t happen.

To Growth

The desire to grow is in all areas of our lives and business. This drives us to deliver quality service on every visit!

Efficient Use
of Resources

We should all do our part to conserve our precious resources. We would never waste them at your home.
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Disinfecting services using our electrostatic spray technology not only saves time, energy, and money but it also is a more efficient alternative to traditional cleaning techniques. You are able to take small steps to keep your business cleaner using traditional cleaning products, but you’ll need a professional cleaning services with advanced technology to effectively combat the spread of disease at your business.

Some Of The Many Benefits Of Using Electrostatic Disinfecting Services

  • Reduced time to disinfect surfaces
  • Helps control the spread of infections and viruses
  • Applies disinfectant evenly over surfaces
  • Reduces lost productivity due to sick employees
  • Avoids cross contamination from one surface to another

Help Us Support Our Community

You play a key role in our mission to give back to our community.
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Local Fundraisers

We give to those in need and support local projects for education, youth and hospital fundraising.
Rotary Club of Ankeny

Provide humanitarian support and advance goodwill and peace both locally and throughout the world.
Staff Personal Development

Our staff members are your neighbors. It's our commitment to encourage their growth with training and education.

What Clients Say

Your happiness is our #1 priority. That’s why you’ll receive our Scorecard Quality Survey (email) after every cleaning. Take this opportunity to let us know how we did.  We use your feedback to improve our service to you. Check out what other clients have had to say about our residential cleaning services…
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About phClean®

Residential Cleaning Services

You’ll be happy to know that we’ve been your Ames & Ankeny neighbors with consistent, quality cleaning for over a decade. Here’s a brief history.

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Sara started cleaning homes with our first office located on Clark St. near downtown.


Our name was changed from Professional Home Ames to phClean® and was trademarked.


Our name was changed from Professional Home Ames to phClean® and was trademarked.


We opened our Ankeny office and hired dedicated staff and managers from Ankeny.


We continue to proudly serve our friends and neighbors of Ames and Ankeny, IA.

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