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Terms Of Service Agreement

If you have any other questions not listed below, please contact us at 515-232-8029, or
We are here to help!

By contacting phClean (“Us”, “We”, “Our” and “Ours”) and requesting Us to come to Your home or property, the Client (“You”, “Your”, “Yours”) are agreeing to pay Us for Our services. Deep cleans are charged hourly, and We do NOT guarantee a flat rate for any deep clean.  
Our services are offered to You conditioned on Your acceptance without modification of this agreement, conditions, and notices contained herein (the “Terms”). Your use of Our services constitutes Your agreement of all such Terms. Please read these terms carefully, and keep a copy of them for Your reference.

Getting Ready For The Cleaning
Don’t “clean” before We arrive, but do “pick up” as much as possible so We can start cleaning!

What We Clean
Please refer to Our website and Our office staff as to what We clean. Any irregular areas or requests need to be discussed in detail and accurately with Our office prior to arrival.

Start Times
Our 1st home start time is on AVERAGE at 8:30. Second home will vary on start time depending on 1st home end time. We do not guarantee start time on 2nd homes.

Access To Your Home
Before We start service, We will need entry to Your home via door code or other means (please call us to discuss options). We must assess a 50% fee if We cannot gain access to Your home on the day of service or are turned away at the door on Your scheduled day.

If Your cleaning day falls on a major holiday, We will contact You in advance about rescheduling.

Skips & Cancels
We reserve Your cleaning spot for Your home only and will not book another home in Your spot! Ongoing cleans: We will assess a 50% fee if You skip/cancel with less than 24 “business hours” notice. Timely notice will allow Us some time to schedule a different home for techs to clean in Your reserved time slot. If You or Your family are sick, We will re-schedule You in Our next available opening, to keep Your home on a consistent schedule. Skipping a regular cycle of cleaning will result in an additional fee for extra build-up at Your next cleaning since the job was quoted based on a lesser time frame between cleanings. One-time cleans (deep cleans/first-time deep cleans) where we reserve a team for a large "clean" require 48 hours' notice to cancel or reschedule (two business days), otherwise a 50% fee of the minimum dollar amount quoted will be charged.

Please keep Your home cooled in the summer on Your cleaning day – We get very warm when working! Thank you. Likewise a home must be heated in the winter.

Payment is due at time of service. We accept all major credit cards and also Master Card & Visa debit cards. We do not accept checks or cash any longer. Once credit debit card info is retained, you can be placed on Our cleaning schedule. We charge cards after the cleaning is done.

Delinquent Account/Collections
Non-Payment and or declined cards may result in service charges of 1.5% per month plus all valid NSF fees or collection fees.

All of phClean staff are legal employees; taxes, workers compensation insurance, etc. are taken care of by phClean. You are protected by Our insurances and from taxation when You have Our staff in Your home! (vs hiring an individual).

Breach of Terms
You understand and agree that under no circumstances shall You knowingly engage in a working relationship directly with any employee of phClean during the course of this contract other than through f and that You will pay a $2,500 finder’s fee if You breech these Terms and knowingly hire a Cleaning Tech employed by phClean on an individual basis for private employment.

Scheduling, service changes, etc… are made through the office – please call or email Our office (not the technician).

We guarantee our work. If You are ever not happy with Your cleaning, please indicate that on the Scorecard email, call, or email Us within 24 hours so We can come back and fix it with in 48 hours.  We need to visually see and correct the areas if cleaning was not done well. We do not offer refunds if We are not allowed to look at the cleaning or come back to fix it with in 48 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

Quality Assurance
Our quality control system is interactive and dependent on feedback and good communication. We will correct or address any issue We are made aware of. Our staff takes great pride in the work they do, and want to be informed if You are ever disappointed with a service. A Quality Control Manager checks randomly when technicians are on the job. You will get an email after each cleaning for a quick reply or to leave comments. Please contact Us right away with any questions, issues or concerns so We can work to correct them immediately. We can always tweak, add, delete, change technicians or services offered so don’t hesitate to ask. Our goal is to make You happy and Your home shine!

Toilet Brushes
Please have one in each of Your bathrooms, to avoid carrying germs through the home.

You agree to provide a good, working vacuum for regular ongoing use in Your home. Normal wear and tear from vacuuming is to be expected, and phClean is not responsible for damage due to normal vacuum use. We can advise on best hard surface vacuums for best cleaning results.

We love them! But please secure any pet that may be a threat or disturbance. Kenneling an animal is the safest thing to do if You are not 100% sure how Your animal reacts to people entering Your home when You are away. Techs cannot enter a home with an animal they do not feel safe with. We do not clean up after sick pets, or pet accidents, or re-clean floors pets have re-tracked after mopping. We do not change or clean litter boxes. If a cat, dog, or other pet harms Our staff that pet will be reported – breaking the skin will result in staff going to the doctor and vet records will need to be obtained immediately.

Our technicians need a safe working environment in the homes they visit. No holes in floors, standing on counters, climbing higher than a 2-step stool. We are not equipped to clean bug infestations, bodily fluids, or extensive grease or fire damage. If Our staff does not feel safe in a home or environment they will leave or We will remove them. Yelling, name-calling, or other aggressive or demeaning behavior will not be tolerated towards Our staff.
Any firearms should be secured and out of sight.
Running water and electricity must be present for Us to clean.

Unfinished Areas
If asked or agreed ahead of time, We can sweep out unfinished areas like basements or garages, but We do not deep clean or hand wipe this sort of area.

We hate it when it occurs, and We do Our very best to prevent it. We do not dust inside curio cabinets, china cabinets or clean glassware shelves. If there is anything too fragile or expensive that You DO NOT want Us to dust or touch, please inform Us – You are responsible for alerting Us. There are also some items in every home that are accidents waiting to happen (pictures not hung securely, top-heavy items with unstable bases, items already broken and gently set back together but not secured). Please make Us aware of these things or correct them. We are fully insured and bonded, so please let Us know within 24 hours if You find a problem has occurred.

We will review pricing and expenses yearly and will notify You of increases. Changes in service or household lifestyle may change initial pricing.

There are client referral rewards, please ask about Our current reward.

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