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Professional House Cleaning Services in West Des Moines

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Discover the power of professional cleaning services

Life can be overwhelming, leaving little time for rest or leisure, let alone all the daily chores. Still, that doesn’t change the fact you deserve a tidy residence without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to happiness with our professional cleaning services in West Des Moines! With phClean, you can truly experience the freedom of returning to a spotless and refreshed living space. Embrace the joy of tidiness and organization that exceed your expectations. We employ a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who will take care of all the details in your home to ensure a fresh and healthy environment. Let us handle your home cleaning with a personalized approach and a keen eye for housekeeping while you focus on what truly matters.

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Explore the full range of our maid services

Regular cleaning

Our recurring house cleaning is performed weekly or every 2 weeks, after an initial deep cleaning to achieve a base level that we or you can maintain afterward.

Deep Cleaning

You can choose this type of service before special occasions, as a big spring tidying up, or to sign up for repeat home cleaning of your West Des Moines residence.

Move in / Move out

Whether you need your new place ready or want to leave the old one in perfect order, our detailed cleaning services are there to help, you can cross that off your list.

Indulge in the charms of West Des Moines

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Explore the rich heritage at the fascinating Historical Society Museum, or satisfy your artistic cravings with a visit to the Artisan Gallery 218, showcasing the works of talented local artists. While the best home cleaning services in West Des Moines bring the sparkle back to your residence, take advantage of all that this area has to offer and make the most of your free time.

What our West Des Moines clients have to say

If you’ve been searching for the “best cleaning company near me,” look no further. Our satisfied client's opinions speak volumes.
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Enjoy complete peace of mind with our residential cleaning services

If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the job our experienced West Des Moines house cleaners have done, we offer a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee. This means we’ll send someone over within that time frame to redo the problematic area.
A full satisfaction guarantee
In the unlikely case that something isn’t done to your standards, one of our house cleaners will fix it within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.
More than a decade of experience
We’re a locally owned and managed company, fully committed to the community and to providing exceptional housekeeping to West Des Moines residents.
Fully insured & bonded for your safety
You can rest assured that only the most dedicated professionals will enter your residence, and that your possessions will always be perfectly safe.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is done in a regular house cleaning?

During recurring house cleaning in West Des Moines, a comprehensive array of tasks is typically carried out to maintain the cleanliness and inviting ambiance of your living space. Surfaces are dusted, floors are vacuumed and mopped, countertops are carefully wiped down, and bathrooms undergo a thorough tidying up. Furthermore, professional cleaning services can also ensure a neat and organized appearance by picking up and arranging scattered items.

Does maid service include washing clothes?

The inclusion of laundry can vary depending on the specific agreement with the cleaning service. Some of them offer laundry as part of their comprehensive package, which can include washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes. However, it's important to check with the maid service to confirm if laundry is included or if it’s offered as an additional service for an extra fee.

What is move-in or move-out cleaning?

Move-in/move-out refers to a specialized cleaning service in West Des Moines designed specifically for units that are being vacated or newly occupied. When moving into a new place, the space is thoroughly cleansed and sanitized before you settle in.

On the other hand, move-out house cleaning focuses on the property you’re moving out from, ensuring it’s left in pristine condition for the next occupants. These services frequently involve a deep cleaning of all areas, including floors, walls, appliances, cabinets, bathrooms, and windows, to provide a fresh start or leave the property in optimal condition.

What does deep cleaning mean?

This is a thorough and comprehensive process that goes beyond regular maintenance. It involves a detailed focus on hard-to-reach areas and tackling accumulated dirt, grime, and build-up. Deep cleaning service in West Des Moines typically includes tasks such as scrubbing and disinfecting bathrooms, sanitizing kitchen appliances, dusting and wiping down surfaces and baseboards, and addressing neglected areas. 

The goal of deep cleaning is to achieve a higher level of cleanliness, eliminate hidden dirt and bacteria, and restore the overall freshness and hygiene of the space.

Where can I find a trustworthy house cleaning company near me in West Des Moines?

If you’re looking for a dependable and professional house cleaning service to ease the stress of the daily chores and make your place spotless while you enjoy your free time or engage in more pleasurable activities, phClean is there to offer you detail-oriented approach, modern products, equipment and methods, and experienced and skilled housekeeping team.

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