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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Green Cleaning Service

October 17, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Green Cleaning Service

If you’re considering to hire a professional cleaning service, you’re not alone. For busy families, it’s never a bad idea to leave the heavy work to the professionals. Outsourcing housework offers many benefits and if you opt for a green cleaning service, you’re also doing the planet a lot of good.

Green cleaning involves the use of products and methods that are eco-friendly and organic. This green approach to cleaning helps maintain your health while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Here are five great reasons to try a green cleaning service company.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use A Green Cleaning Service

1. Green Cleaning Is Planet-Friendly

When you choose a green cleaning service, you’re making a vote to protect the planet. The pros use eco-friendly products that are manufactured using sustainable methods and safe, natural biodegradable ingredients.

On the other hand, your conventional cleaning products contain toxic, hazardous, and non-biodegradable ingredients such as petroleum.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that using traditional cleaning products can cause more indoor pollution than outdoors? These cleaning products are classified as Volatile Organic Compounds and will evaporate indoors and compromise indoor air quality. Plus, you probably hate the smell of strong chemical odors and that’s even worse if you’re sensitive to the strong chemical scents.

If you or someone in your family is suffering from certain chronic conditions, switching to a green cleaning service can help alleviate their symptoms. Green cleaning doesn’t necessarily cure your health issues, but it creates a healthy environment for you to live in.

3. Healthy Choice For Your House

Your house will thank you if you use a green cleaning service. Due to the lack of harsh and toxic chemicals, eco-friendly cleaning products allow softer cleaning for fibers and fabrics. This way, you can preserve the good looks and lifespan of your sofas and carpets. Green products are also non-toxic so they’re excellent for cleaning hardwood floors and painted walls.

4. Safer Surfaces

When it comes to dirt and stains, your carpet fibers and padding bear the brunt of the damage. To intensively clean any carpeted surfaces, most people use the strongest cleaning solutions that leave behind chemical residues. If your kids or pets love rolling around your carpet, they are exposed to toxic chemical residues.

A reputable green cleaning service will use organic cleaning solutions that will your carpeted surfaces clean and fresh. Your children and pets won’t be able to tell the difference.

5. Green Cleaning Works

Many homeowners are wondering if a green cleaning service company can get the job done properly. Well, green cleaning products can perform just as well or even better than your usual cleaning products. With a trained professional that knows sustainable and eco-friendly practices, you’ll have a clean house without the harmful residues and air pollutants.

On top of that, finding a good green cleaning service won’t break the bank due to competitive rates.

Green Is The Way to Go

Health concerns are becoming more prevalent and more people are becoming aware of the harmful side-effects of conventional cleaning products. Furthermore, hiring a green cleaning service is a great way to take care of your home and the planet.

As the leading commercial cleaning service in Ankeny, IA, we here at phClean can use green cleaning supplies and methods on your home. If you want a milder and greener cleaning job, feel free to let us know and we’re more than happy to accommodate your needs for a reasonable price.

Get your green cleaning service quote now to get started.

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