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Spring Cleaning Tips: Starting Your Season Right

October 17, 2020

Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Know

1. Make A Checklist Or Schedule

Evaluate your home with an objective standpoint and make note of rooms that need a lot of work. The places you usually skip (garage, pantry, etc.) during regular cleaning might be good places to start. While checking each room, make a list of the things that need work.

Here’s an example of a spring cleaning checklist for your pantry:

  • Start tossing expired and stale foods
  • Donate good but unwanted food items
  • Clear and clean the shelves
  • Gather small items and store them into a container
  • Sort items by use
  • Clean and restock

Making a cleaning checklist or house cleaning schedule will help you get focused and keep on track.

2. Remove The Clutter

Removing clutter is one of the best spring cleaning tips for improving your efficiency and keeping you organized. In addition to gaining more space, de-cluttering has some positive psychological effects as well. Studies have shown that a home full of clutter is a major source of stress for Americans. A cluttered space signals your brain that there’s still work to be done.

Spring is the best time for you to de-clutter and downsize. Look around your house and you should find many items that contribute to the clutter but serve no real purpose whatsoever. It’s highly recommended that you sort your things into three groups – to toss away, to store, and to give away. You can even hold a garage sale to get a pretty penny for your clutter.

3. Always Work From Top To Bottom

Spring cleaning is about efficiency and it’s hard to be efficient if you have to redo the things you’ve already cleaned. With that said, make sure that you start cleaning from the ceiling down. This forces dust and debris downward and will keep you from having to re-dust or re-wipe the space.

If your ceiling is a bit high, use a vacuum with an extension hose for hard-to-reach areas and removing cobwebs and dust. After taking care of the high spaces, proceed to dust your furniture and other items before vacuuming the floor.

4. Clean Room By Room

The fastest and most efficient way for deep spring cleaning is by cleaning from room to room. With your checklist in hand, clean each room and don’t forget the spots that need extra attention. You don’t have to clean multiple rooms in a day but instead, you can just clean one room each day and you’ll still be on track.

The room by room approach is an excellent way to compartmentalize your spring cleaning tasks.

5. Mind the Air Quality

Spring cleaning is fun because it affords you a fresh start. One of the most overlooked aspects of spring cleaning is air quality.

If you can, replace the furnace and HVAC filters for better air quality. Just by simply replacing your standard filter with a unit with a higher MERV rating will greatly improve air quality. This is one of the best spring cleaning tips for those who suffer from allergies.

Spring Cleaning Too Hard?

With these spring cleaning tips, you’re all set for a productive season change. However, if spring cleaning is too hard for you, feel free to hire a professional house cleaning service.

PHClean is the leading house cleaning service in Ankeny, IA. If you need help with your spring cleaning needs, we’ll be more than happy to lend a hand. Get a quote for your spring cleaning now!

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