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Let's Talk Dirty Laundry

October 26, 2022

Sheets that is! Did you know that on average, most people change their bedsheets every three-ish weeks? And that it’s actually recommended you change them weekly? There’s almost nothing nicer than slipping into clean, crisp sheets at night. We all love that feeling of comfort, but the thing is, most of us live such busy lives that it takes a near miracle to do weekly laundry, let alone remember to wash the sheets AND get them on the bed, too. That’s where we come in to help!

Regularly cleaning can help you keep up with sheet changing and other important household routines — weekly or every two weeks! We include changing the sheets on one bed on each regular cleaning visit, just let us know which bed you’d like to have changed. It works great if you have two sets of sheets: one comes off, and the other goes on during your regular cleaning visit! Ta-Da–it’s done!

Ongoing regular cleanings can also help you with routines such as washing bathroom rugs and more. Throw your bath rugs in the washer on cleaning day, we’ll get them dried and put out for you after you bathroom floors have been cleaned and are dry.

Contact us for a quote for cleaning and let us know how we can help keep your bedding and/or bathroom rugs fresh & clean!

It doesn’t have to take a miracle to get the sheets changed, just a visit from phClean. See you soon!

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